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Nominet Domains: co.uk's, org.uk's, me.uk's £3.18 - per year (£3.74 inc.VAT - minimum term two years)

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Weycrest are accredited Centralnic Registrars with the NIC Handle H139637

Whats in a Domain?

There are two parts to a domain. The name itself, and the top level domain extension.

The most popular TLD is the .com, short for "commercial" - synonymous with online business. Due to its popularity, getting the '.com' of your choice is getting harder.

TLDs orginally had a meaning behind them. Nets were originally used by network operators, and .orgs by non-profit organizations. A domain with a TLD of 'co.uk' suggests a UK presence.

There are other TLDs such as .uk.com, .biz, and .tk. These are all associated with either a company or with a country.

Domain Name Registration Tips

Keep it Short - A domain name is your online identity so choose something which can't be easily mis-typed.

Memorable - Avoid long acronyms such as axjdskeejkd.com. Customers and potential visitors will try and search for you, using your product brand, company or personal name, and your domain choice will influence how and whether people will link back you. See our blog posting on choosing a good domain name

Incorporate Keywords - Relating to your site theme or business interest. For example "kens-bikes.co.uk" provided you don't overdo it.

Target Market - Choose a domain specific your country or market. A Nominet co.uk domain name would be appropriate for UK based operations. This could get your your site ranked higher on google.co.uk. A .com, org or net extension suggests a more international web presence.

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