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Sorry, Weycrest's VPS accounts are currently all sold out. They'll be relaunched in February / March 2010. Below are some of top recommendations..

Plesk Virtual Private Servers - Powered By JaguarPC

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Plesk VPS Hosting On Linux and Windows

Plesk VPS Hosting, or Plesk Virtual Private Server Hosting provides complete control and root access to your own virtual private server environment at a lower cost than conventional servers. Plesk control panel is integrated in Virtuozzo, Parallel's virtualization platform, through VZPP which allows reboots and full virtual private server management.

JaguarPC have been in business over ten years and are well known for their Reseller and VPS hosting and also offers shared, reseller, and dedicated server hosting. They are based out of Texas and have an exellent reputation, with efficient courteous support. Our associate company Weysol has been using them for some time for our SEO clients. JaguarPC also accept Paypal and a range of payment options.

  • Quad-core VPS Nodes
  • Fast RAID10 Storage
  • 24gb RAM per node
  • Never Oversold, your allowances are dedicated to only you
  • Host Unlimited domains (subject to Plesk licencing
  • FREE VPS Managed services *with control panel
  • FREE VPS hardening and security
  • FREE Virtuozzo Power Panel
  • REE 3 VPS IP Addresses

Plesk VPS hosting is the next step up from a shared hosting account. Ideal for web developers and resellers thanks to the ability to host unlimited domains. JaguarPC VPS hosting plans provide a natural and clear path for our clients to grow and progress their sites and business without taking on more costs than necessary. Plesk 9.2 is available on the latest JaguarPC VPS, with a number of licence configurations up to "unlimited" domains, in addition to the Plesk Power Pack.

plesk vps hosting

Windows VPS Hosting

Like its Linux equivalent, Windows Virtuozzo service works at the operating system level instead of the hardware level. Each Windows Virtuozzo VPS server has its own file system, memory, network devices and other server resources allotted. Each of our Virtuozzo powered servers is isolated from its virtual neighbors and can belong to entirely different network system.

plesk windows vps hosting

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The above prices exclude VAT. VAT is not chargeable as JaguarPC are a US company providing a US service

Each Plesk VPS hosting plan is a completely isolated in a secure environment and includes VPS managed services. Each VPS hosting package also comes with the easy to use Plesk administration control panel to easily manage your VPS hosting. The control panel (VZPP) is available even when the VPS is offline, so you'll always have total control over your VPS hosting solutions.

Virtuozzo Virtual Private Servers unlike Xen Virtualisation systems, share the same OS kernel for greater efficiency and low overheads. You still have the advantages of a full dedicated server, apart from the ability to rebuild kernels, load driver modules, or access hardware directly.

JaguarPC Network and Infrastucture

JaguarPC operate out of secure facilities in Houston and Atlanta.

  • No single points of failure
  • Cisco (TM). Powered Network and Firewall
  • Dual underground feeds into dual transformers
  • Generators, 24hr capacity, refueling contracts
  • Instantly available, continuous power
  • 24/7 Network Operation Control Center (NOCC)
  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring Systems
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Smart routing to ensure best packet delivery
JaguarPC Infrastructure

JaguarPC operate multiple, redundant UPS backup systems and generators to ensure data integrity even during severe power outages, in addition to fingerprint identification entry system and banks of security cameras to prevent malicious intrusion.

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