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Who operates .UK Domains

Nominet is the "not for profit" organisation responsible for most domains ending in .uk. Though there are a number of other second level domains over which it does not have control. Nominet replaced the original "Naming Committee" when it could no longer cope with demand and is recognised by the UK Government as the UK Top Level Domain Registrar for UK domain names.

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Registering a UK Domain Name

You are encouraged to register a domain name through a Nominet registrar (ISP or registration agent) who will act as your agent and submit a domain name application to Nominet - or another international registry - on your behalf.

Registering Directly with Nominet

It is possible to register a domain name directly with Nominet. However this requires specialist technical knowledge and equipment. You must also provide the IP addresses of two name servers that are permanently connected to the Internet. It is also an expensive process as Nominet charge £94 including VAT for direct registrations.

Nominet Domain Disputes (DRS)

Most Nominet registrations are problem free however in about 1 in 16,000 cases someone make a complaint. For many people the Court systems is too difficult and expensive so Nominet operate their Domain Resolution Service, where they act as a nuetral party in order to provide mediation in order to provide a solution to any domain name dispute.

For more Information on UK Domains

The Official Nominet Website

Nominet UK Terms and Conditions

Nominet UK Domain Name Registration Service

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Weycrest - Nominet Members and Tag Holders

We have registered in excess of 3,200 UK domain names, providing full registrar services and are one of the top 120 Nominet registrars and tag holders. You can transfer your Nominet domain free of charge and we can provide Cheap Web Hosting for your UK Domain.

Why Buy or Register .UK domain as opposed to a .COM?

A UK registration whether co.uk, me.uk, or org.uk is more indicative of a UK presense, and can give your product or service a UK identity, whereas .com has traditionally been more associated with US corporations and enterprises. There are no restrictions on registrations of UK domain names and can be registered by anyone in the world. Protect your brands in the UK with a UK Domain Registration.

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Method of Payment - Safer Online Shopping

Safebuy Accredited

We accept credit and debit card payments in addition to Paypal. Solo and Electron users should select the Paypal option rather than the credit card option on ordering. Alternatively cheques and postal orders can be accepted though this will delay domain registration. Unless stated otherwise all prices exclude VAT @ 15%.

Transferring your UK Domain

Transfer's of UK domain names, in and out of Weycrest are free of charge. EPP or authorization codes are not required to transfer UK domains between registrars, though it is a requirement that the registrar you transfer to are Nominet registrars (or tag holders). Our IPS TAG is WEYCREST. To transfer out your UK Domain, we only require the IPS TAG of the new registrar

Transferring your UK Domain to someone else

If you no longer require your domain name or wish to sell it, you may wish to transfer it to another party.

To transfer a UK Domain is slightly more complicated and requires the intervention of Nominet who charge £10 plus VAT to make a transfer. This fee is set on a cost recovery basis and is reviewed every six months. Following the most recent review it has been reduced from £30 plus VAT. Nominet charges to cover the service provided, once investigation has commenced, no refunds are available if the transfer fails to take place.

Is it possible to register a UK Domain Name for less than or longer than two years

Due to Nominet rules this is not currently possible, the registration term for co.uk, me.uk and org.uk are all fixed at two year terms.

What is a Detagged Domain Name

The term Detagging can only apply to a UK Domain Name. A detagged domain is no longer hosted on two valid name servers. This stops all services associated with the domain name, such as e-mail or a web hosting from working.

Who normally Detag's a Domain Name?

Only Nominet registrars (formerly TAG Holder's) can DETAG a domain name. A hosting company or ISP may DETAG a domain name if they no longer have a relationship with the registrant to provide web hosting or registrar services.

How can you tell if a domain name is Detagged?

When a domain is detagged all email and web hosting services will stop working. You can also check the status of a domain by using a public whois service. The WHOIS lookup result will show if the domain name is DETAGGED.

How do I move a domain name that is detagged onto a new tag such as WEYCREST?

To retag a domain name that is currently marked as DETAGGED, the registrant must complete the registrar transfer (tag change) through their account in our online services. Nominet will charge the registrant £10 plus VAT for using this service. Once this is paid Nominet, will retag the domain name in accordance with the registrant's request and the registrar change option set on the registrar's account.

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