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.EU's in a nutshell

.EU your european identity

Who operates .EU?

EURid was the consortium chosen to run the .eu TLD, by the European Community. This a not for profit organisation which also runs the Belgian, Italian and Swedish registries. EURid works exclusively through a network of registrars who will register .eu domain names on behalf of their customers, with minimal intervention from EURid.

If you cannot obtain the .EU domain you wanted

If a .EU domain name shows as not available on our website it does not necessarily mean it has been registered. If this occurs heck the status of the .EU domain name at the official EURid whois at www.whois.eu. Certain .eu names are been held back by Eurid, and domains applied for during the "Sunrise Period." Some domains may become available for general registration, after certain applications during the initial Landrush period have expired or been rejected.

Despite the popularity of .EU domains, there is still plenty of choice for good generic names.

Registered domains can sometimes be purchased from the existing owner. In these cases we can recommend domain name brokers who can negotiate anonymously to purchase the domain on your behalf.

.EU Domain Disputes

If you have a right to a .EU domain name but it has been registered by someone else, EURid operates a procedure for resolving disputes about .EU domain names which is operated by the Prague-based Arbitration Court in the Czech Republic. It administers Proceedings in accordance with the Public Policy Rules for .EU as directed by European Commission (EC Regulation 874/2004).

For more Information

The Official EUrid Website

The Official EUrid WHOIS

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What is .EU?

.EU is the new European Top Level Domain Name for Europe. It works just like all the other popular extensions, such as .co.uk, .com, .net and so on. This makes it an ideal alternative and unique identifier for websites and email addresses. You can expect a growing number of websites designated with an .eu extension.

Who can register a .EU domain name?

.EU domains are available for registration by individuals and businesses who live, operate, or who have an interest within the countries of the European Union.

EC Regulation 733/2002 regulates who is allowed to register for an .eu domain name. Companies, organisations , individuals who have their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the European Community are enititled to register an .eu domain name.

Registering your .EU Domain Name is a simple three step process...

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Weycrest Domain Name Registration includes Free Email and Web Forwarding. Web Forwarding is sometimes known as "URL Redirection." See how easy it is to get started with our Free Domain Forwarding Services.

Method of Payment - Safer Online Shopping

Safebuy Accredited

We accept credit and debit card payments in addition to Paypal. Solo and Electron users should select the Paypal option rather than the credit card option on ordering. Alternatively cheques and postal orders can be accepted though this will delay domain registration. Unless stated otherwise all prices exclude VAT @ 15%.

Weycrest Domain Name Registration Includes:

  • Top Level Domain (ccTLD) Naming Fee's
  • Free Web Forwarding
  • Free Email Forwarding
  • Free Online DNS Management
  • Free TAG change, transfer or "push" to any ISP or Domain Provider
  • Administer multiple domains from a single account
  • No Hidden Fees or Transfer Charges
  • Domains Registered in the your name (or business name)
  • Friendly, Knowledgable Domain Support by Email

Pay for .EU Domain with Paypal

As PayPal has become the web's most popular payment method, we accept PayPal for all our services. PayPal is an simple-to-use payment gateway that allows you to send money securely using your credit card or bank account to any email user. PayPal uses SSL technology to keep your information safe and secure. Paypal membership is not required.

Registration Fee's.

Registration or Naming fees included in the domain price. This is the fee to the top level registrar to cover the administration and maintenance of your domain name. The top level registrar dealing with .EU Domain's is EURrid.

Free Web Forwarding

Our free web forwarding service redirects requests to your domain to your ISP free web space and visitors with no annoying popups, banners or adverts, therefore maintaining a professional image for your company. Got space on myspace.com? You could use your domain name to forward requests to your myspace address, for example www.yourname.tld rather than www.myspace.com/yourusername

Free Email Forwarding

Email forwarding is a free facility allowing you to have unlimited email addresses for your domain. For example sales@yourdomain.co.uk , info@yourdomain.co.uk etc.

All mail received at these addresses will be forwarded automatically to your existing email address, or Hotmail account. Forwarding personalises your email address and gives a more professional appearance.

For example admin@yourdomain.com looks much better than user@xyz392.freeserve.co.uk. Also your domain address is portable an independent of your ISP. If you change your dialup and ADSL provider, just repoint your forwarding to the new address!

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