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Joomla Web Hosting

All Weycrest hosting packages include PHP and MySQL Support, neccessary to make Joomla! and all its modules work.Click Here for a Full Web Hosting Comparison.

Linux Plesk Starter

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750MB Web Space
20G Data Transfer
Plesk Control Panel
20 Mailboxes
MySQL Database
£ 14.99 per year

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Linux Plesk Plus

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2000MB Web Space
50G Data Transfer
Plesk Control Panel
50 Mailboxes
3 x MySQL Databases
£ 29.99 per year

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Professional Joomla! Web Hosting

Joomla is one of the most widely used and powerful content management systems there around. Used for a vast array of different websites, Joomla provides flexibility, simplicity and elegance and can be used for most types of web site from personal homepages to corporate intranet. Combined with a customisable and powerful framework and a wide range of additional modules and plugins, Joomla can be used by both beginners and developers with ease.

  • Corporate websites or portals
  • Online commerce
  • joomla_logoSmall business websites
  • Non-profit and organizational websites
  • Government applications
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • School and church websites
  • Estate Agency websites
  • Affiliate, Adsense, Amazon & Clickbank websites
  • Personal or family homepages
  • Community-based portals
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • the possibilities are limitless…

Joomla! makes it easier to manage every aspect of your website, from adding content and images to updating a product catalog or taking online bookings. Weycrest's webhosting packages are Joomla compatible in mind and can be installed within a few clicks of the mouse with little or no technical knowledge . Togethor with a wide choice of extensions to further enhance your Joomla site and a friendly online community, creating any your Joomla site has never been easier.

Thankfully, Joomla! offers a powerful application framework that makes it easy for us at Weycrest to create sophisticated add-ons that extend the power of Joomla! into virtually unlimited directions.

How to get started with Joomla Hosting with Weycrest?

  • Sign up for any of our hosting plans (please see below)
  • Login into Parallels Plesk (our control panel)
  • Click on your Hosted Domain Name link in the Control Panel
  • Click on the "Applications Vault" Icon in the Control (looks like a filing cabinet)
  • Select "Joomla" and follow the simple on-screen instructions (choose installation directory, admin password)
  • Login to Joomla admin centre and start using and configuring and using your Joomla site

Joomla Community

There is a vibrant community that has built up around Joomla. Developers build templates to suit any project. Some are offered for sale, but many are available free. Free Joomla templates are not necessarily inferior in quality. In fact, some of the best templates you will find are free, and that is the great thing about Joomla community; they share freely with each other.

Joomla History

Joomla has a birth date. It is August 17th 2005, though it was not until September 1st that the name Joomla was actually announced. Joomla 1.0.0, the first release of the software, was on September 16th and it was actually Mambo in a re-branded package. However, it went on to win the Packt Publishing Open Source Content Management System Award the following year in 2006, and again in 2007.

Joomla Templates

Building great websites with Joomla using free Joomla templates is really very easy, even though the software does have a reputation of being difficult to learn. There are plenty of tutorials around to help anyone who wants to discover how to plug into the power of Joomla, and the official Joomla forum has close to one and a half million posts on it. There's plenty of free information available on just about everything to do with Joomla.

Joomla Applications

The Joomla content management system works by having the ability to increase the basic power of the software through adding modules that extend its reach. These modules, known as plugins, integrate fully with the basic software. They can add usefulness to a website in the form of a calendar, a forum, a user poll, a blog, and many other features commonly found on today's increasingly interactive websites.

Joomla for Portal and Business Web Sites

While making websites with Joomla usually means creating the larger portal type of web site, small personal web sites can easily be built too. Joomla has considerable power and the software is extremely robust. This makes it ideally suitable for the serious professional website, but as already mentioned, any size of website can be built with Joomla.

Although the same basic software makes every Joomla website, it is the template that makes each one look distinctive. There are many, many thousands of Joomla templates available from thousands of websites. While you can purchase a template specially coded, and therefore unique to you, you don't have to.

Making websites with Joomla is not only easy, but low cost too. The software is extremely robust and as good as it gets. Finding a template is not only easy, but hard to avoid. There really is no reason why anyone should not be creating websites with Joomla.

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