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Parallels Plesk Hosting Control Panel Tour

Plesk 9.2 from Parallels features a major enhancement to the user interface - Plesk Desktop. The new release is designed to increase the administrator, client, and user interface experience.

Designed for technical and non-technical users alike, Plesk offers Administrators the flexibility to customize their offerings to meet a broad range of customer needs.

Every part of the new Desktop can be hidden or removed completely from the interface to make it cleaner and easier to use.

  1. Demo Plesk for Linux/Unix as an Administrator
    Login: admin
    Password: panel
  2. Demo Plesk for Linux/Unix as Reseller
    Login: reseller
    Password: panel
  3. Demo Plesk for Linux/Unix as a shared hosting customer
    Login: client
    Password: panel
  4. Demo Plesk for a Domain User
    Login: demo.parallels.com
    Password: panel
  5. Demo Plesk for a Mail Only User
    Login: mailuser@demo.parallels.com
    Password: panel

Proceed to Demo

Note: If you have problems connecting to the Plesk for Linux/Unix demo check your connection to port 443 or port 8443. Typically connection issues are related to these ports being blocked by a firewall or a provider.

Plesk 8 Control Panel Longhorn Theme

Domain Management

  • Support for international characters in domain names
  • Perform domain backup to repository, FTP server, or workstation
  • Schedule domain backup, set up backup files rotation
  • Preview site before DNS propagation
  • Create sub domains
  • Add and Manage Site Applications in new Application Pack
  • Manage @domains
  • Automatically create a new site with point-and-click ease, based on a domain
    template or custom requirements
  • Monitor bandwidth on a per site basis by traffic type: http/https, pop3, SMTP, IMAP,
    ftp, anonymous ftp. Webalizer is included for traffic statistics. Quick view traffic history
  • Manage webusers
  • Manage multiple MySQL databases
  • Create email, mail groups, autoresponders
  • Create protected directories (SSL and non-SSL), assign users to them
  • Protect the cgi-bin directory or subdirectories within it
  • Log File Rotation Management
  • Upload and manage site files using File-Manager
  • Manage site using FrontPage Web-Admin
  • Use Crontab Manager
  • Create Domain aliases

Email Management

  • SpamAssassin Configuration
  • Includes email account creation, deletion, aliases, groups, redirects auto-responses, account on/off switching
  • Allows for Mail Users private secure login access
  • Manage mail preferences
  • Set autoresponders, aliases and vacation messages
  • Receive and review email anywhere, anytime, from any Web browser
  • Change mailbox passwords
  • Create mail groups and redirects
  • Set Mailbox quotas

Reseller Hosting Features

  • Automate new site deployment by defining a domain template once
  • Create an unlimited number of targeted domain templates for sites
  • Track supported applications and allocated resources such as disk space, monthly bandwidth and number of users
  • Bundle and meter top requested features such as multiple MySQL
  • Choose different security options during site creation (for example allowing scripting for webusers)
  • Restrict access to Desktop or standard interface only
  • Add clients/resellers with point-and-click ease, using a client template or per customer requirements
  • Upgrade the resources available to an existing client/reseller and manage their permissions
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