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Web Hosting Features

All of our budget web hosting packages are feature packed with the most sought after and advanced features, on this page you can find and intro on all of the features that come with our web hosting. If you need more information on our cheap web hosting packages and cannot find the answer here please do not hesitate to contact us.

Choice of Windows or Linux Web Hosting

Without an operating system nothing can work. For most standard web sites, from simple to complex, Linux Hosting is all you require. Dynamic sites such as Wordpress based, only require PHP and MySQL so Linux is fine. The Open Source Linux (originally based on Unix) has unparalleled stability. However Some websites require Microsoft Windows Hosting as they require access to Microsofts proprietary technologies such as Classic ASP, ASP.Net, MS-SQL databases, and Frontpage. We offer a choice of Windows or Linux. If unsure choose Linux as we can always migrate you later. On Windows Hosting only Plesk control panel is available.

Choice of Control Panel, Plesk or Cpanel?

cPanel is a highly popular graphical web-hosting control panel used to simplify the administration of websites for end users. cPanel has a big following amongst hosting resellers and its control panel is familiar to most web designers and web masters. cPanel is based on Perl and requires little access to the database most of the time. Hence it has a reputation for being very quick. It has a very slick and user friendly graphical user interface which aids the admininstration fof your website, and is bundled with a range of attractive "skins" to change the look and feel.

Plesk (made by Parallels) has become an increasingly popular rival to cPanel. The fact it is available on both Linux and Windows makes it more attractive to Web Hosts who wish to offer a consistent interface across both platforms. Plesk is arguably the easiest control panel to get the hang off, though experienced web masters may miss the advanced features of cPanel. Like Cpanel Plesk comes with a range of different skins, such as Longhorn, which is very "Microsoft" like in appearance.

Multi Domain on Cpanel

Most of our hosting packages have multi-domain hosting capabilites. This means you can host more than one distinct web site in your hosting space, saving you money on running lots of individual hosting packages for all your domains. On Linux Cpanel Hosting this works using their "Addon Domains" feature, where you can more domains onto your Cpanel. Also you can have redirects, and parked domains. However to access to WHM and create your own Cpanels, you will need a Hosting Reseller Package

Multi Domain on Plesk

On Plesk, multi domains it works slightly differently. You can add additional domains and create distinct hosting accounts and plans, but these will come out of your overall quota. Say you have the Plesk Plus 2GB plan. To create a new website, you will need to reduce the quota on your main domain from 2GB to accomodate the new site. So rather than hosting just one big 2GB web site, you can have 2 x 1GB sites instead (or however you want to split the quota between all your web sites).

Subdomain Hosting

Most of our plans allow subdomain hosting. So you could have blog.yourdomain.com or forum.domain.com rather than just `www.`

Plenty of Storage

Both our Linux and Windows shared hosting come with plenty of room, up to 5GB of storage space. This is more than enough for most website projects, however advanced, though allow some space to be taken up by email and databases.

Scripting for Dynamic Web Sites

Perl, PHP and CGI on our Linux packages enable you to run more complex interactive sites, such as blogs, forums, and content management systems. Don't worry if you have never written a line of PHP code however, as we provide "one click" installers that create the databases, and carry out most of the complex installation for you. You are also free to install your own versions.

Huge Data Transfer Limits

Often mistakenly referred to as "bandwidth" our biggest plan offers up to 200GB of monthly data transfer, thats the total amount of web files, email transfer to and from our servers, and ensures you will never incur additional charges.

One-Click Application Installers

Our "One Click" installers allow you to install FREE web applications on yourWeycrest hosting package. Most popular applications are blogging platforms (such as WordPress) and Content Management Systems (like Drupal, Mambo and Joomla). Foums such as phpBB and e-commerce suites include osCommerce. There are two different installers for Plesk and Cpanel. On Plesk there is the "Application Vault." On cPanel we have deployed "Softaculous" which contains an impressive 105 scripts with more being added all the time.

Create a Database Driven Site!

All our packages include MySQL Databases (on Linux Hosting) or Microsoft SQL (with Windows Hosting). Most popular scripts and applications now, such as Wordpress require a database to run. Once again don't worry if you don't speak fluent "SQL" as we provide phpMyAdmin a web based interface to backup/restore and administer your databases.

Monitor Your Hits

Most our hosting packages offering a choice of statistics software including Webalizer and AWStats. You can also integrate Google Analytics into your website. Both Webalizer and AWStats can be accessed from a password protected directory.

Powerful Email Support

All our web hosting packages include email support. All the major protocols are supported including POP3, IMAP, and a generic Webmail interface is provided. Secure connections are also supported (secure `POP3s,` secure `IMAPs`) especially important for connection over less secure 3G and wireless network as your login credentials are encrypted. Additionally each mail user you create has their own limited control panel access, so they can change their own passwords and set their preferences. Our email service is fine for most personal and small business deployments but for enterprises we recommend Google Apps For Your Domain (Enterprise Edition) or a Hosted Exchange account.

Low Contention

Weycrest have shared hosting contention ratio's among some of the lowest in the industry. Traditonally the problem with Cheap Hosting, is that hosting accounts are piled onto a single server. It is not unknown for cheap web providers to host over 2-2500 domains on a single server! At Weycrest your site will share with no more than 300 sites on Starter and Pro plans and less than 100 on the Pro and Ultimate Packages.

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