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Depositit - Online Data Backup Service

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The Online Data Backup Service That Saves Time, Effort and Money!

depositit online data backup solutions

The loss or theft of a laptop or desktop computer can be a major headache, however the loss of data held on your equipment can make matters a lot worse. How reassuring it would be if you knew you could restore your files quickly onto a replacement computer.

Backup Your Laptop, Home PC, Windows or Linux Server Today

1. Works with Windows, Vista, Mac and Linux

2. Backs up laptops, desktops or servers (inc Exchange/SQL)

3. Automatically saves your files off-site

4. Install for FREE on Multiple machines

5. Files backed up to 3 separate UK data centres

6. Total privacy with 448-bit encryption

Now some people claim their Backup Solution are USB 'Memory Sticks'?! We all use them and they are convenient for passing data across but you cannot depend on them fully as a robust backup solution. The same applies to any external hard drive. If you were to experience theft, fire or flood the chances are your would loose these along with your computer equipment. Most people don't encrpyt their files either, so the drive would be taken and all info would be easily available.

depositit online data backup solutions

Are you fully backed? Data loss is a growing problem and losing data, such as letters, databases, e-mails, or music files causes major disruption, and if you are a business impacts heavily on your ability to trade. Depositit is now available for Windows and Linux.

For further information and to trial Depositit, Click Here Today!

How safe is your data?

1. The data on all computers can be lost or corrupted as a result of viruses, human error, power failures, fire, flood, hardware malfunctions and theft - These threats are beyond your control.

2. According to the Department of Trade and Industry: "70% of businesses that have suffered a severe data loss closed down within 18 months."

3. The cost of data loss can be so high that many insurance companies refuse to cover it.

Making daily backup copies of your data and storing them correctly will protect you and there are two ways you can do this.

Back up manually using traditional methods or automatically using Depositit

Backing up manually takes time and effort and as a consequence may often be neglected!

Someone always has to remember to rotate the media, carry out the backup, confirm that it did so successfully and then store it safely off-site. Also what happens when the person responsible is sick or on holiday?

Backing up manually can also give a false sense of security, as the media used is prone to wear and tear, so even following these lengthy procedures does not guarantee that your files will be retrievable when the critical time comes to restore them.

Backup Microsoft Exchange 5.5, 2000 and 2003

You can subscribe to use Depositit's Microsoft Exchange Server backup plugin for £199. One this is installed on your Exchange Server you can backup all versions of Exchange (5.5,2000, 2003) in just three simple stages. Full peace of mind for all your emails.

Backup copies are worthless if they can't actually be restored!

DEPOSITIT backs up your data automatically, every single day over a secure Internet connection, stores 3 separate copies in 3 maximum-security off-site facilities and then sends you an e-mail to confirm the backup is complete.

The entire process is completely automatic. There's nothing to remember, nothing to do and no hardware to buy or maintain.

Depositit encrypts your data using military grade 448-bit technology (almost 4 times higher than most Internet banks), ensuring complete privacy.

If data from your computer, laptop or server is ever lost, stolen or corrupted, Depositit ensures that there is always a current copy available for immediate retrieval. All you have to do is select the data you want to restore (be it a single document, digital photos, music files or your entire hard drive, select OK and watch a copy instantly return to your computer. It's that easy.

Depositit also automatically archives 30 previous copies of your data, so if you ever get a virus, you can go back in time and retrieve a clean copy that was made before the attack.

Depositit is the safest, easiest and most secure solution for all your data protection needs

How much does it cost?

Using traditional backup devices will cost a minimum of £300 a year (this includes time spent backing up, hardware & media) and does not guarantee 100% that your data will be retrievable. Additional expense may also be required for engineers if the device fails!

Depositit costs just £10 a month. £120 a year for a state of the art data protection service that automatically backs up your PC's, laptops, pda's, mobile phone and networks every single day.

What would you miss more ... £10 a month or all the data on your computer?

Depositit is the safest, easiest, fastest, and most cost effective solution for all your data protection needs.

For further information and to trial Depositit, Click Here Today

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