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Plesk Antivirus by Dr.Web Product Box

Email AntiVirus Protection from Dr Web

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Parallels Plesk AntiVirus by Dr.Web is an Award Winning virus scanning and filtering solution. This important new product is completely integrated with Parallels Plesk Control Panel and Weycrest's Hosting Platform. Plesk AntiVirus provides reliable, efficient and cost effective protection of your customers. mailboxes against worms, Trojans and other damaging viruses.

Parellels Plesk AntiVirus - An Integrated Solution


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Mailname Configuration Page with Anti-Virus Option
Dr.Web Anti-virus Configuration Page

Parallels Plesk Anti-Virus offers the following advantages over other AntiVirus products:

Cost Effective - Plesk AntiVirus is up to 10 to 100 times less expensive per mailbox than other commercial AntiVirus software.

Highest Reliability - 100% Virus Detection as verified by Virus Bulletin independent tests. Plesk AntiVirus not only detects the known viruses in its database but also provides detection of yet unknown viruses and modifications to existing ones.

Always Up-to-date - Viruses emerge quickly. Plesk AntiVirus provides around the clock protection with multiple updates per hour during the times of an outbreak. A 24x7 monitoring center constantly monitors new viruses and quickly responds.

Sophisticated Virus Analyzer - Plesk AntiVirus by Dr.Web features a sophisticated heuristic virus-analyzer engine. This analyzer detects yet unknown viruses or unknown modifications to the existing ones that are not defined in the virus database.

Small Update Footprint - The typical update to the virus database does not exceed a few kilobytes. This small update footprint enables quick downloads of updates even during outbreaks, when connections and servers tend to be overloaded.

Fast Performance - Plesk AntiVirus by Dr. Web is designed to handle massive volumes of emails and attachments without increased server loads or delays in delivering emails. This performance is critical in the hosting environment.

Protect against malicious viruses, worms and trojans with our advanced virus protection system today.

Configuring Your Email Settings

To activate your Antivirus Protection within Plesk, navigate to your mailbox settings, click on Mail, then click on the Mailbox you wish to protect.

Protect Both Incoming and Outgoing E-Mail

After clicking on the "green shield" you will be presented with this screen, which will give you a number of options, namely the ability to turn on/off virus protection, or protect incoming or outgoing mail or both.

Plesk Antivirus advanced e-mail protection is available for all Shared Web Hosting and Email Plans

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