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Web Hosting - Frequently Asked Questions

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Web Hosting FAQ - Questions

Check this page out first before raising a support ticket as this contains our most popular queries related to web hosting. You can suggest additions to our admin department

1. How do I administer my website, change email settings, create databases, etc...? Is there a control panel?

2. How do I setup Email?

3. How do I Upload My Web Site?

4. How do I Upload My Web Site using Frontpage?

5. How do I get hold of support?

6. Are your servers monitored?

7. What kind of a network do you run?

8. How do you I know if people are hitting my site?

9. I want to setup Gallery / Wordpress / Joomla i'm getting `PHP Safe Mode` problems?

10. What version of PHP is installed?

11. How do I build my Web Site?

12. In which directories do I build my site?

13.What is the path to perl and sendmail?

14.How do I cancel my web hosting?

15.How do I install a Blog / Wordpress /Joomla? Is Fantastico installed?

16.How do I create Access my Databases?

Web Hosting FAQ - Answers:

1. How do I administer my website?

With a shared hosting account you have full access to admin your site via the Plesk Control Panel interface, which is accessible by going to https://www.yourdomain:8443 (insert your own domain name). Just type in the login and password you were sent when you signed up and away you go. We have prepared Flash Tutorials to assist you with common tasks

2. How do I Setup Email

On our Linux and Windows shared hosting plans, mail boxes and Email Forwards are created from within the the Plesk control panel. Your server setting will be sent out in your Welcome SignUp Email. Please note you can always use your ISP's outgoing (SMTP) email server for sending mail. We have also prepared the following Video Tutorials on Email Tutorials can be found below:

Plesk Email Forwarding Tutorial

Plesk Mailbox Setup Tutorial

Configuring Outlook Express

Mail Forwarding in Plesk

Creating POP3 / IMAP Email Accounts in Plesk

Creating an Email Alias in Plesk

Creating an Auto Responder in Plesk

Creating a Default Email Account in Plesk

Using Webmail in Plesk

Setting Up Outlook Express

3. How do Upload My Site to your Web Server?

This assumes you are your designer already have a website created and have a local copy on your PC in a folder ready to upload it. The conventional way of accessing your hosting account would be to use an FTP program such as Cute ftp or WS_ftp and also Filezilla. Weycrest recommend Filezilla because it is free and simple to use with its "Explorer" type interface.

Download Filezilla

To connect with FTP to our server you can use your IP address or hostname (or more usually ftp.yourdomain). This will be sent to you in your welcome email or your domain if it has tranferred together with your username and password.

FileZilla and FTP Tutorials can be found here:

Filezilla and FTP Client Tutorials

Additionally you can use the File Manager within the Plesk Control Panel. This allows you to browse files on your local computer where a local copy of your website is kept and upload to our servers (typically the httpdocs folder).

Plesk File Manager Tutorials

5. How do I get hold of Sales?

Pre-sales questions can be directed to sales [at] weycrest.com.

6. Are your servers monitored?

We pro-actively monitor our servers and infrastructure. We use Nagios to monitor our servers and network internally. A System Administrator is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of emergenices. If you do notice a problem please be aware our techies may already be aware of it as they are automatically notified via SMS alerts. Recently we added Alertra monitoring so we could publish our uptime stats and performance.

4. What kind of network do you run?

More details can be found on our infructure page. Weycrest obtain connectivity from several sources. Our main provider is Level3. We are also multihomed via AS31595. A high speed microwave link connects our Trinity Buoy NOC directly to Redbus, Sovereign House. A distance of just over 1.5 miles. Recently we expanded into VSNL Stratford where our reseller hosting and VPS hosting servers are colocated

5. How do I know if people are hitting my site? Are there any Webstats

Stats for your site are available at:


You may have turned on password protection which you can do in the control panel, so try https:///plesk-stat/webstat/

You can also access them by going through your control panel and clicking the REPORT button. From there you can access web and ftp stats, along with your total monthly traffic history.

6. I want to setup Gallery / Wordpress / Joomla and/or i'm having PHP Safe Mode problems?

PHP Safe Mode is ON by default on our servers for fairly obvious reasons. We do however allow Gallery to be installed which requires Safe Mode to be OFF. Just raise a support ticket and we can turn this OFF on a domain basis. Scripts will be treated on a case by case basis.

7. What version of PHP do you run?

Following various security issue's with PHP, currently version 5. We would point out that running embedded PHP in a shared environment can be something of a problem to manage and legacy applications or scripts can "break" on upgrade. While we try and give as much notice as possible, this isn't always possible if security is at stake. If PHP is important to you, and/or you wish to live on the bleeding edge, and/or upgrade at your own pace, we would recommend a virtual private server.

8. How do I build my Web Site?

This is a massive question! There are so many ways. The conventional way to build a website would be use Web Design Software such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage. If you are familiar with HTML coding you could even use a text editor such as notepad and store your files as .html files.

If you don't wish to spend money on Web Design Software, the Mozilla comes with an free HTML composer suite.

Weycrest also recommend NVU which is complete "Web Authoring System for Linux Desktop, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users to rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver." Nvu (pronounced N-view, for a "new view") makes managing a web site very easy for the beginner Now anyone can create web pages and manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML.

If you no expertise of building a web site at all, then look at our Application Vault, where you could install a Wordpress Blog and use it like a "content management" system, where you simple create and edit your pages on line without the need for writing code. This is even easier with the latest versions of Wordpress, where you can create "static pages" as opposed to "posts." If you are just looking for simple "home page" approach then Wordpress might be the way to go.

Additionally the Plesk control panel has a File Manager, enabling users to browse content on their local machine and upload it directly to their web space.

9. In which directories do I build my site?

  • httpdocs - This is where you will upload your html files, so that they are accessible on the web. Also .php and .shtml files go here too
  • httpsdocs - Is your folder for secure content (SSL enabled accounts only)
  • cgi-bin - Is where executable content such as cgi and perl scripts are placed to guestbooks, counters etc.

10. What is the path to perl and sendmail?

  • Perl - #!/usr/bin/perl (should be placed in scripts)
  • Sendmail - /usr/sbin/sendmail

11. How do I cancel my web hosting account?

Outside of the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee we just require two weeks notice in writing (email or support ticket will suffice). So if your monthly billing account is due for renewal on say 14 October we will need to be informed by the 1stof the month. Other than that there are no lengthy contracts.

Please note unless we receive valid notice you will continue to be invoiced, until we receive notice, even if the account is suspended for non payment.

15. How do I install a Blog / Wordpress / Joomla. Is Fantastico installed?

Our shared hosting plans use Plesk which has a feature called "Application Vault" which is similar to Fantastico. You can use the Plesk Application Vault to install software applications and scripts into your web space. You are not obliged to use Fantastico and are free to obtain your versions or scripts from various project homepages

Plesk Application Vault Tutorials>

16. How do create and access my MySQL databases?

Databases and Database "users" can be created and administered from within Plesk using its DB Web Admin facility. PHPMyAdmin is also installed though called "DB Web Admin." However it opens in a pop up window, so pop ups need to be enabled in your browser.

Creating Databases in Plesk

Managing Databases in Plesk

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